Why we need pure drinking water?

Image showing drinking water in colored bottles

We need pure drinking water everyday!

Don’t we ?

It’s the biggest lifesaver to countless of living beings on planet earth.

It quenches thirst, gives energy to body, helps in digestion & absorption of minerals from food.

Upto 60% of the human body is water. Even our bones contain 31% water.

The origin of life is difficult to imagined without it.

The hustling & bustling life on earth is heavily dependent on World climate 

It has underwent mammoth changes in the last 20 years.


We know the uncountable factors pretty well!

Human negligence, pollution, forest fires & water bodies used as a waste dumpyard.

Climate change has completely altered the balance between summers & rainy season .

Here are the shocking results:

Extremely longer summer with temperatures soaring to 50 degree celcius.

No signs of rainfall or extremely late rainfall in the rainy season.

Because of Untimely rainfall in winters, there is further dip of temperature.

Rainfall is the biggest source of pure water.

No Rainfalls ! We get no Pure drinking water !!

That’s why sweet water bodies like springs & rivers are swiftly drying up.

Sweltring heat & delayed rainfall cycle are the worrying reasons!

There are 2 important ways to ensure the availability of clean water in homes & farms.

  • Utilize the municipal supply water  
  • Do their own groundwater boring

One cannot rely blindly on municipal water supply. There are several complaints from lakhs of homes getting muddy & foul-smelling water.

Using underground water boring is illegal in several parts of the world.

excessive exploitation of underground water is the main reason.

Anyways there is no guarantee of getting pure & healthy drinking water if we do not filter the water properly!


WHO guidelines for drinking water

WHO guidelines for drinking water suggest different levels of minerals.

Pure water is essential for all round growth & vital functioning of internal body organs.

Gone are the days, when simple water filters were efficient in removing water impurities & micro-organisms.

As years have passed, the level of water pollution has increased at a surprisingly 10X rate.

There are several reasons behind this!

Irrespective of the season, we are getting non-stop rainfalls 18-20 hours a day causing huge floods in cities & villages!

Surprised? this is in fact true.

Welcome to the year 2020!

Flooded rivers & standing floodwater in the cities carry toxic pollutants & pathogens.

Pollutant sources are from sewers, pesticides & stinking garbage. Polluted water percolates into the underground water table.

Now the reliable, untouched underground water is heavily polluted.

Due to the presence of extremely high levels of heavy metals & pesticides, the normal Total Dissolved Solids(TDS) levels have sharply breached its safer mark.

Soft water is changed to unfit hard water.

Lets talk about the second case :

Can you imagine the level of destruction flood water did to drinking water?

TDS levels shot off from 210 to 1250! Making this water completely unfit for consumption.

Watch your Health! Drink this water at your own risk !!

High TDS level of water means drinking water with dangerous levels of chemical & minerals.

Here are the contaminant standards & effects of dangerous intake of minerals in high TDS water :

Antimony MCL : 0.006 decreases longevity, alters glucose & cholesterol levels

Arsenic MCLG : 0.05 skin and lung cancer. Liver and kidney damage

Asbestos MCL : 7.0 lung cancer. Gastrointestinal cancer, when swallowed fibers exceed 10 mm in length

Barium MCL : 2.0 Hypertension, heart damage

Beryllium MCL : 0.001 cancer,lung and kidney damage

Cadmium  MCL : 0.005 kidney damage

Chromium MCL : 0.1 Liver, kidney & lung damages

Copper MCL : TT liver and kidney damage, digestive disturbances

Cyanide MCL : 0.2 Spleen and liver damage

Fluoride MCL : 4.0 Mottling of teeth, bone damage

Lead MCL : TT brain, kidney & nerve damage

Mercury MCL : 0.002 Brin and nerve damage

Nickel MCL : 0.1 Heart and liver damage

MCL is Maximum Contaminant Level

MCLG is Maximum Contaminant level goal     

How to make high TDS level water fit for drinking?

High TDS level and hard water are a deadly combination!

High TDS hard water is difficult to convert into soft water through simple gravity-based water purifiers.

We need electrically operated water purifiers to serve this purpose. They make use of different technologies like

  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Ultraviolet Lamp
  • UF Membrane
  • Carbon Filter
  • TDS Controller

Lets learn in detail about how we get pure water by using these technologies.

Detailed process of getting pure water using water purification technologies

Raw water is let in through a sedimentation filter. This filters out big particles in water like mud, silt, rock etc which can permanently damage the RO membrane.

The reverse osmosis process makes use of semi-permeable membranes having thickness of 0.0001 microns. Water is forced through this membrane.

All unwanted disease-causing micro-organisms, chemicals & minerals flush out as wastewater & filtered water is produced.

Carbon filter makes use of activated carbon to remove chlorine, pesticides & other residues from the water.

Ultrafiltration(UF) membrane makes use of membrane having thickness from 0.01 to 1 microns to remove

  • Endotoxins
  • Plastics
  • Protein
  • Smog
  • Viruses

UF membrane is used as a precaution when there is a 1 in 1000 chance of harmful pathogen or unwanted residue remaining in the water.

TDS Controller helps in controlling the TDS level of RO water. Reverse Osmosis process helps in reducing water hardness by 90%.

Suppose there is input TDS of 900, then the output TDS will be close to 90. This is comfortable TDS level of drinking water.

Water treatment part is done! Its time for disinfection!!

In the final stages, UV lamp helps in disinfection of water.

Open the tap & have worry free filtered water.

RO technology is extremely costly! Not everybody can afford to buy a RO water purifier for their homes.

But it is already adopted in western countries municipalities on a mass scale. Wherever there are huge challenges & traditional water purification systems don’t work.

We should hope that in 2020, healthy water becomes available to everyone, regardless of one’s social status. This will help in the complete eradication of water-borne diseases.

Lets get started to lay a strong foundation of healthy & high immunity generation.

Time to get strong & rocking !!

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