How to buy a water purifier?

Image showing a electric Water purifier

It takes a lot of market research to know how to buy a water purifier. There are thousands of locals & branded water purifiers in the market. Few brands manage to trump others to bag the top position.

There are the identified reasons for top performance of brands:

  1. Highly competitive price in market segments
  2. All in one feature in a single flagship product
  3. Unique agency based sales strategy to boost sales
  4. Top-notch sales & service
  5. Low-cost spares availability
  6. Free extended warranty
  7. Direct selling at home
  8. Brand power at work
  9. Word of mouth publicity

How to buy a water purifier for home?

Image showing step by step process to help buy a water purifier for home

When people go to market they get confused on seeing lot of brands. They face a lot of dilemma on how to buy a water purifier for home.

There are several companies in the market that sell water purification machines. But few have astounding success in attracting buyers.

Some buyers need value for money. Some need premium features at premium price.

Lets start with some of the prominent brands in market.

Kent Grand Plus

Representational Image of Kent Grand Plus RO water purifier

It is the highest selling water purifier with fully futuristic multi purification technologies.

What do you get in a Kent Water purifier?

A fully transparent water purifier body showing Kent’s patented Mineral RO Technology with inbuilt TDS controller.

Why you should buy from Kent ?

  • World leader in RO purification technology
  • Highly capable in purifying every type of water: Supply water, Boring water, hard water
  • Kent Mineral RO technology retains essential minerals in water using an automatic TDS controller.
  • Multi purification technology makes use of RO (Reverse Osmosis) + UV (Ultra Violet lamp) + UF (UltraFiltration Membrane) + TDS Control to give you 100% safe drinking water.
  • In-Tank UV Disinfection Now stores RO water in your 9 liters inbuilt tank without the fear of bacteria & viruses.
  • Zero Water wastage Kent water purifiers ensure zero water wastage during purification
  • Extended Free service 1-year warranty + 3 years Free Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC)
  • Highly Competitive Pricing as compared to other water purifiers in the market

Kent Grand Plus RO is available at a competitive price of Rs 15,650 on Amazon.com

Pureit Marvella RO

Representation image of Pureit Marvella RO water purifier

Pureit Marvella RO comes from the house of Hindustan Unilever. It has earned a name in every household of cities all over India.

Why you should buy Pureit Marvella RO?

  • Mineral Cartridge enables the addition of calcium & magnesium in RO water
  • Advanced 7 stage purification RO+UV+MF ensures 100% RO purified water
  • Double Purity Lock alert warns you 15 days before cartridge expiry
  • USEPA compliant RO purifier which removes bacteria & viruses from water
  • Fastest water purification speed of 28 liters/hour
  • Largest water storage capacity of 10 liters
  • Highest Water Savings up to 45%

Pureit Marvella RO is available on Amazon.com at a price of Rs 15,000

LG Puricare RO water purifier

Here comes LG Puricare RO water purifier with a industry first stainless steel tank.

Image showing LG Puricare RO water purifier

Why you should trust & buy LG puricare RO water purifier?

  • Digital Sterilization ensures complete safety of water faucet, path & tank
  • Stainless Certification ensures less bacteria compared to plastic tanks
  • 5 Stage RO Filtration system for removing harmful micro-organisms
  • Mineral Booster to add & retain healthy minerals to make water tasty
  • Smart Display indicates power, time to change the water level in tanks
  • Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank maintains the freshness of water
  • 10 YearWarranty on stainless steel tanks

LG Puricare water purifier is available on Amazon.com at Rs 16,099

What are the benefits of buying water purifier?

Image Showing Benefits of buying a Water Purifier

Many people are clueless as to how to filter water for drinking. They find it hard to purify water as per the safe drinking water standards.

The solution comes in the form of buying a water purifier.

Water purifiers have multiple benefits. It does take some hefty investment to buy a water purifier.

But in the long run, it proves to be worth the invested money. Lets take a look at them.

Good for health

Millions of people don’t have access to pure water. This is the main cause of water-borne diseases. Water purifiers make sure that drinking water is free from any contamination.

Clean drinking water intake helps us fight multiple infections & increases body immunity.

Protection against harmful Micro-organisms

Any type of water like boring water, municipal supply water contains millions of harmful disease-causing bacteria, viruses & parasites. This can cause gastroenteritis, dysentery, Cholera, Typhoid, Malaria & other diseases.

Water purifiers ensure that we have 100% protection against pathogens.

Protection from harmful metals & chemicals

Unfiltered water contains harmful chemicals like lead, mercury, chlorine, pesticides. So, here comes the reverse osmosis process in play!

Reverse Osmosis makes use of semi-permeable membrane which blocks harmful metals & chemicals less than 0.0001 microns & filters them out as wastewater.

One stop solution to convert hard water into soft water

We have many places all over the world where hard water is available. It is extremely difficult to convert hard water into soft water.

A water purifier with Total Dissolved Solids(TDS) control helps in converting hard water to soft water.

100% assurance of getting purified water even in National Disasters

Nature is completely unpredictable. Sometimes we have to brave floods & storms. Water supply is very suspicious & unhygienic.

A dependable water purifier is very necessary during natural disasters for safe water supply.

Now, we know why water treatment is essential in different water purifiers.

Which is the most affordable water purifier?

This is the most common & difficult question faced by any buyer!

Selecting an affordable water purifier is a complex task when you have hundreds of different brands in the market.

When people want to save money, they go for locally assembled water purifiers. But one needs to look after a complete value package in terms of product purchase cost, maintenance & product shelf life.

Some tips to search for the most affordable water purifier:

  • Look after non-digital water purifiers as digital water purifiers are extremely costly
  • Check out the Annual Maintenance Cost from company’s Customer care Number
  • Check for brand popularity & customer feedback on different forums
  • Compare the features & product cost of finalized models
  • Finalize the model having the lowest price & maximum long term benefits

I have done my own research. Based on which I have written these details to find an affordable water purifier.

Buying any product is an art in itself. You need to study all the product features completely, pitched price, value addition & the unique selling point of products before making any decision to own the product.

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