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We start our everyday life with water. Water for drinking, cooking, bathing & refreshing ourselves. Our survival is dependent on the quality of water. If humans consume untreated, unfiltered water, they are easily prone to life-threatening diseases.

Human life is all about growth. But as humans are growing up on this planet. The population is swiftly tearing apart all existing natural resources starting from water & air. Natural water bodies are getting polluted due to untreated sewer discharge in the water. Now the situation is so grim that all sweet water resources are polluted beyond warning levels. They are laced with toxic metals, bacteria & viruses. This makes the water entirely unfit for drinking.

We are technologically growing & so is our knowledge on purifying water.

We have seen the era of candle filters. At that time, I would not say that the supply water was very clean. But I would strongly say that the supply water & the underground water became fit for drinking after a simple purification process through boiling & filtration.

Now in 2020, our environment & water health have deteriorated beyond repair. Check the water samples, from any water source or boring water. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels in water have been breached upto 5 times the normal limit.

Now a normal Gravity based water purifier is not worth purchasing as it cannot filter toxic metals & water-soluble pollutants. We need new water purifier technology that can effectively clean water’s unwanted salts, bacteria, viruses & lethal metals.

This website is our serious effort to let people know about the latest water purification technologies. What led to their evolution, how do they work & if their portable technologies can be afforded at home.

Most important we would like people to self realise how precious is the water resource.

Take an example of a pond or reserved natural resource.

A city grows beside the pond. Lots of living organisms like migratory birds, fish & other aquatic animals live in the pond. As the years’ pass, the city population grows.

Untreated sewer water is discharged into the pond.

Take it as a leniency or the civic body indiscipline, they have failed to rectify this problem.

Result ?

Aquatic animals & birds are dying. The natural ecosystem of the water is disturbed. Water toxicity grows! Lakhs of aquatic organisms have started piling up in the pond.

Also, there is a water treatment plant for sole purification purposes. Now, this basic plant doesn’t have advanced technology to ensure the removal of micro-organisms, pesticides & toxic metals for cleaning polluted water.

Reaction ?

The city population is falling sick. People are suffering from gastroenteritis, diarrhea, dysentery & loads of other diseases.

Why did it happened?

City people are not using advanced water purification technologies in their home.

Now the purpose of this example is served!

Humans pollute the natural water body. In turn, polluted water makes humans sick.

Whatever goes in ! Comesout to maintain the nature’s balance.

This cycle will not stop until & unless humans stop polluting water bodies. We are paying a heavy penalty of disturbing nature’s balance.

We earn money to grow & provide a healthy life for our family. Now we have to spend money to ensure that we get healthy water so that our family remains healthy.

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